dhruv's wiki






g<         " reopen output of last command
g&         " replay last substitute command
gU{motion} " uppercase
gu{motion} " lowercase
gF         " go to specific line in a file
11g_       " go to the end of the 10th line below
gv         " re-highlight last highlighted region
gi         " jump to last insert location

Global in a visual block

:'<,'>g/\%V./norm! 0dt.dw


Move lines to end of file

" moves all lines containing the word 'import' to the end of the file

Make the first word in a markdown list bold

Suppose we have the following list:

- word1 -- some text
- word2 -- some text
- word2 -- some text

g command to make the first word bold:

:.,$g/^-/norm! wi**^[wea**

Getting gq to behave nicely with lists

:set fo-=q seems to work. Needs more investigation.