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Tmux Wiki


New session

tmux new -s basic

Create session in background

tmux new -s second_session -d

Rename Session

Prefix $

Attach to session

tmux attach -t second_session

Move between sessions

Prefix )
Prefix (
Prefix s # see all sessions


Create windows

tmux new -s windows -n shell
# this will create a session with name windows and a window with name shell
Prefix c  # create window from within tmux

Rename windows

Prefix + ,

Move between windows

Prefix + n   #next window
Prefix + p   #previous window
Prefix + 1   #window at index 1

Open new window in current directory

bind c new-window -c "#{pane_current_path}"

Reorder windows

:swap-window -t -1
//moves current window to the left

:swap-window -s 3 -t 1
//swaps window indexed at 3 with that indexed at 1



Prefix + %   # split vertically
Prefix + "   # split horizontally

Resizing panes

Prefix + space  #cycle through built-in layouts

Kill pane

Prefix + x

Show pane numbers

Prefix q

Pane → Window

# Prefix !
# will convert a pane into a window

Command mode

# get into command mode
Prefix + :


# Prefix [ -> puts in copy mode
#enable vim mode with
setw -g mode-keys vi

#then use ctrl-b/ctrl-f to move up/down one page.


# ? to search backwards
# / to search forwards
# just like vim


# In copy mode
# press Space to start selecting, end with Enter

# paste with Prefix ]