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Get container ID from image name

docker ps -qf "name=CONTAINER_IMAGE_NAME" | awk '{print $1}'

Select columns in docker ps

docker ps --format "table {{ .ID }}\t{{.Names}}\t{{.Status}}"
# discussion here: https://github.com/moby/moby/issues/7477

Docker exec using fzf

function dex() {
  local selected_container
  selected_container=$(docker ps --format "table {{ .ID }}\t{{.Names}}\t{{.Status}}" --last=5 | fzf --height=6 --layout=reverse)

  if [ -n "$selected_container" ]; then
    echo "docker exec -it $(echo $selected_container | head -n1| awk '{print$1;}') /bin/bash"
    docker exec -it $(echo $selected_container | head -n1| awk '{print$1;}') /bin/bash

Docker build and run

docker build -f Dockerfile -t project-api:prod .
docker run --rm --name project-prod --env-file ./.current.env -p 5003:80 project-api:prod
docker rm project-prod -f

Keep container running

Mount a dummy file to the container. Set the entrypoint as:

entrypoint: tail -F /path/to/dummy/file.txt