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Accidently pushed local only files

Let's say you have some local files that in a repo that are not meant to be pushed to a remote, but, accidently, have been.

Let's say the sha of the commit is ACCIDENTAL_COMMIT_SHA, and the branch of this commit is FEATURE_BRANCH.

To retrieve the local only files, and keep them in an untracked status:

  • Revert the commit, or bring the remote to the intended state via any method (ie, the only difference between the branch and the faulty commit is the local only files)
  • Check out to another branch locally
  • Run git diff to see the files that that are different in the branch and the accidental commit
    git diff --name-only ACCIDENTAL_COMMIT_SHA origin/FEATURE_BRANCH
  • Checkout those files into the current branch.
    git checkout ACCIDENTAL_COMMIT_SHA \
    $(git diff --name-only ACCIDENTAL_COMMIT_SHA origin/FEATURE_BRANCH | xargs)
  • Finally, remove these files from the staging area.

Breathe a sigh of relief!