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The Procrastination Equation


Comes from this book.


The Equation

             Expectancy x Value
Motivation = ---------------------
             Impulsiveness x Delay
  • Expectancy refers to the perceived odds of getting a reward and whether we expect success or failure.
  • Value refers to the pleasantness of doing a task, and the size of its reward.
  • Impulsiveness refers to the tendency to get distracted or lose focus on a task.
  • Delay refers to the time between the present and a task's reward or completion.

How to Get Motivated

The solution is simple. To increase motivation and decrease procrastination you must:

  • Increase our Expectancy of success and the certainty of being rewarded.
  • Increase the Value and pleasantness of doing a task.
  • Decrease our Impulsiveness by removing distractions and maintaining focus.
  • Decrease the Delay of the reward by having more immediate, salient deadlines.
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