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Powering FZF

fd can be used to power fzf under the hood (both in the shell, and in vim), by setting$FZF_DEFAULT_COMMAND.


fd -ipH -t f dir
# -i:   for ignoring case
# -H:   for including hidden files
# -p:   is search on the entire path, and not just the file name
# -t f: is to only search files (and not directories; gets annoying in Vim)
# dir:  where to search


fd -t d -I assets dir
# -t d:   is to only search directories
# - I:    ignore .fdignore file
# assets: the search term

Ignore Files

fd has a -E flag for excluding files. For project specific configuration, create a .fdignore file, and place the exclude patterns in it. For global configuration, create a file at ~/.config/fd/ignore.

Easy copy from icloud to wiki folder

export WIKI_DIR="$HOME/Projects/knowledge"
export ICLOUD_DIR="$HOME/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs"

alias ic2wiki='cp "$ICLOUD_DIR/export/$(ls $ICLOUD_DIR/export |fzf)" $(fd -t d -I assets '$WIKI_DIR' | fzf)'

# will copy from icloud/export to chosen wiki assets directory

Override .gitignore


# .gitignore

# .fdignore